TenderChef TC100

Dry Aging Solutions for Chefs

Dry aging is an art as well as a science. In order to achieve the best results, you have to give the product enough time while controlling the environment around it. TenderChef can hold your product up to 6 months.  During the process:


  • the moisture evaporates from the product boosting the flavor by concentrating it 

  • the enzymes in the meat break down the connective tissues resulting in a much more tender outcome


During the process, a scientifically controlled dry aging environment promotes the growth of fungi on the surface of the product; this crust on the surface will help protect the core of your cut and ensure the right amount of moisture in the product; it also promotes further tenderization.


  • Touchpad controls for temperature, humidity and aging/curing cycles

  • UVC sterilization and precise air flow for the ideal environment

  • LED lighting to view cabinet contents and showcase your menu

  • Field reversible, locking door with magnetic gasket and roller latch; full length tempered glass window and stainless steel tubular door handle

  • App for online monitoring; USB port for uploading settings

  • Great for aging sub-primal cuts of beef such as short loin and prime rib, as well as curing charcuterie and cheese

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About Tenderchef

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TenderChef TC100

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