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Food Transport Guide

Carter Hoffmann EnduraHeat Transfer Cart

EnduraHeat Transport

EnduraHeat's unique heat retention system allows you the flexibility to transport covered bulk food anywhere and not have to worry where you'll find the next electrical outlet or spend money on chafing fuel. Just charge the heating system, load your pans and go! EnduraHeat will radiate warmth throughout the cabinet for two hours and keep your food at serve safe temperatures.


  • 1/2 and full height cabinets

  • Dual function heating system: standard convection heat or EnduraHeat, with the flip of a switch

  • EnduraHeat system, once charged, will keep the cabinet warm for 2 hours

  • Accommodates12" x 20" steam ptable pans and18" x 26" sheet pans

  • Heavy-duty transport features such as recessed doors and latches, ergonomic handles, wrap-around bumper and turned in seam unibody construction.