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PUC Ambient Locker Cabinets

PUC Smart Order ambient cabinets are ideal for your automated pick-up program. Customers order online, receive a QR code, and when they arrive, scan the code to open the door that contains their order. You can use PUC cabinets as free-standing units, or integrate with yout POS to collect and analyze data for every order.  All that is needed is a WI-FI connection.  PUC ambient cabinets come in 3 capacities; 4 locker countertop, 6 locker and 8 locker.

  • "No contact" pick up

  • Convenient and fast carry-out

  • Pick-up time reduced by as much as 70%

  • Labor and unnecessary touch points are minimized

  • Touchless automatic open / close doors

  • Antimicrobial exterior coating for added peace of mind

  • Customers' orders are accurate and safely stowed

  • Add-on cabinets can be connected to master cabinets to add capacity

PUCA-22 Ambient Pick Up Cabinet
PUCA-23 Ambient Smart Order Pick Up Cabinet
PUCA-24 Ambient Pick Up Cabinet