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Plate Dispensers Flyer

Plate Dispensers

Enclosed dispensers for the most popular plate sizes. They come in heated and unheated styles for 9", 10" and 12" plates and are available in 2-silo, 3-silo and 4-silo capacities.


  • Sleek, all stainless steel exterior for easy cleaning

  • Heated and ambient styles for 9", 10" and 12" plate diameters

  • Two, three and four silo cabinets

  • Units for a variety of pan sizes and depths

  • Optional full perimeter bumper or corner bumpers protect facility walls

Enclosed Rotary Dish Carts

Warm up your dishes prior to plating your banquets to maintain proper serving tempertures.  Our heated rotary dish carts are up to the task. They feature blower heat for fast heat-up and recovery, top and front loading doors, and a Lazy Susan platform for easy access to dishes.  At just 32" high, they'll fit under most counters for efficient use uf space.  For salad plates, we have unheated models as well.

Shelf Mounted Plate Warmers

Our HP series plate warmers are ideal for restaurants.  Thay can be mounted on a shelf near cooking stations, so warm plates are readily accessible the moment your entrees are ready to be dished.  Removable, washable filters protect heating components so they can even be placed above the saute station.

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