MZ Series Modular Heated Holding Cabinets with Top and Bottom Heat for Combination Food Holding

MZ423GS-2T Modular Holding Cabinet
MZ213GS-2T Modular Holding Cabinet

The Carter-Hoffmann MZ series hot food modular holding cabinets are ideal for dry or moisture sensitive items.  Built-in covers with bottom heat seal in humidity for moisture sensitive items.  Remove the pan covers and turn on the top and bottom heat for crisper food.  Controls can be programmed for up to six items per pan, with individual pan timers. Single-sided or pass-through access.  Pass through holding cabinet models have pan timers on both sides.

MZ243GS-2T Modular Holding Cabinet
MZ212GS-2T Modular Holding Cabinet
MZ223G3-2T Modular Holding Cabinet