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Transport Refrigerators

Cold food maintenance is no longer a challenge with Carter-Hoffmann Mobile Refrigerators. They provide on-site refrigerated holding for your banquets and catered events, as well as backup for buffets and cafeterias. And they're built to last.

Air Screen Tray Line Refrigerator

For the ultimate in tray line efficiency, check out our Air Screen Tray Line Refrigerator. They have all of the great features found on our standard refrigeration line, plus a dual-fan Air Screen system that allows you to maintain food temperatures with the door open! Our PHB495HE has an energy management system that meets the DOE Energy Efficiency Standard. Great for hospitals and high volume feeding operations.

All of Carter-Hoffmann's Refrigerators are now 50% more energy efficient than previous models.  They meet the Department of Energy's Efficiency Standard for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers*


*DOE 10 CFR 431 Subpart C-Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers and Refrigerator-Freezers

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