Holding Matters

CNH28LPC Crisp 'N Hold Station
hotLOGIX HL8-12 Food Holding Cabinet
MZ213GS-2T Modular Food Holding Cabinet

If you're planning to serve a lot of hot food and fast, chances are you'll need something to hold your food warm.  Carter-Hoffmann is the expert in hot food holding.  We offer more options for food holding than any other manufacturer.  One piece of equipment does not fit all.  That's why we specialize in all types of food holding equipment for all types of applications, from big to small, in both volume and budget.  Our expert team will help select the equipment that best suits your operation.


Different foods require difference holding environments​. Moist or dry, density, food quality and quantity all factor into your decision.

Then there are the operational challenges. These include throughput, speed of service, customer expectations of food quality and budget, and facility accommodations.

For more information on equipment selection, see the presentation below.  When you're ready, give us a call and one of our reps can help you find the equipment that's right for you!

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