hotLOGIX Heated Holding Cabinet HL8-18
hotLOGIX HL8-12 with optional glass doors

LOGIX8 Insulated Stainless Steel Heated Holding Cabinets

Logix8 holding cabinets are great for holding pans of covered foods. These cabinets feature precise digital temperature controls and are ideal for holding covered foods or uncovered crispy foods.

  • Recessed digital controls with low temperature alarm

  • Gentle circulated air for even heat distribution throughout the cabinet

  • Field reversible doors

  • All stainless steel construction, with adjustable universal tray slides; fixed angle slides are optional

  • Logix8 is an expanded series with 2-compartment cabinets, space-saver compact cabinets and a combination holding cabinet with drawer warmer

Single Compartment Cabinets with Universal Pan Slides
Single Compartment Cabinets with Universal Pan Slides
Space-Saver and Dual Compartment Cabinets

*To accommodate GN pans, optional GN pan racks must be ordered