VapoPro Heated and Humidified Holding Cabinet HL10-18
VaporPro Water Reservoir

VaporPro Insulated Stainless Steel Heated Humidified Holding Cabinets

VaporPro Cabinets are large-capacity, humidified, heated holding cabinets - the most versatile ones on the market. These cabinets have active humidification provided by a heating element placed in a water reservoir and distribution of heated, humidified air by a precision engineered fan and duct system. They also have an autofill connection for the reservoir as a standard feature, or they can be filled manually. These cabinets provide the most precise environment for holding of uncovered moisture sensitive bulk foods.


  • Top-mounted off-the-shelf water reservoir is easy to clean and replace

  • Field reversible doors

  • Recessed digital controls for temperature and humidity settings

  • Low water alarm and indicating light

  • Autofill water connection

  • All stainless steel, insulated construction, with universal tray slides; fixed angle slides are optional


HL10-10-RW has a built-in, two-drawer warmer that accepts 12" x 20" pans up to 6" deep.