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Food Transport Guide

Gridless Heated Transport

Now you can go anywhere!  Our Gridless Heated Transport Carts work on or off the grid with AC or DC power. They feature on-board battery power that can keep the elements, controls and fan operating for four hours on a single charge.  When not in transport, operate and charge them on AC wall power.  Two sizes to choose:  full height cabinet with 12 pairs of adjustable pan slides and 3/4 height with 7 pairs of slides.



PH Series Heated Transport

These carts feature blower heated systems, either top mounted or bottom mounted, with a variety of tray slide configurations to accommodate various pan sizes and types. They are ideal for holding and transporting covered food, down the hall, across the property, or to remote locations.


Convention centers, hotels, caterers, cruise ships, banquet operators, schools and restaurants rely on Carter-Hoffmann PH series carts to deliver their food, hot and fresh!


Satellite Transport Carts

Our satellite transport carts are specifically built for long distance transport from the kitchen to the service area, whether is across campus or across town.  


The ST series includes heavy-duty features such as recessed doors, locking transport latches, four push handles, full perimeter bumper and wheel-ahead caster pattern for easier transport.

EnduraHeat Transport

EnduraHeat's unique heat retention system allows you the flexibility to transport covered bulk food anywhere and not have to worry where you'll find the next electrical outlet or spend money on chafing fuel. Just charge the heating system, load your pans and go! EnduraHeat will radiate warmth throughout the cabinet for two hours and keep your food at serve safe temperatures.


Heavy-Duty Correctional Transport Carts

Take a look at one of our correctional carts and you'll see why it's the toughest cart in service today.  Ruggedly built with tamper-resistant features, these carts take the abuse and keep on rolling.  Correctional facilities across the country know they can depend on Carter-Hoffmann to deliver their meals safely and reliably, even under the harshest conditions.

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