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Gridless Heated Transport Flyer

Carter-Hoffmann Gridless Transport Cart

Gridless Heated Transport Carts

Now you can take your service anywhere!  These transport carts are the latest in transporting technology.  They will operate on AC electric or DC battery power.  Onboard batteries operate the heating element, fan and controls, keeping the cabinet truly warm for holding, just like operation on AC electric power. Simply charge and go!


  • 3/4 and full height cabinets

  • Two on-board batteries require 6 hour charge for a 4-6 hour run time on DC power

  • Standard 20 Amp, 120 volt electric required for electrical operation and charging

  • Bright LED displays can be adjusted for indoor or outdoor viewing

  • Heavy-duty transport features including latches, ergonomic handles, wrap-around bumper and turned in seam unibody construction.