Carter Hoffmann Countertop Crisp N Hold
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Crisp N Hold Flyer

Crisp 'N Hold Crispy and Fried Food Stations

Ditch the heat lamps and improve holding time and the quality of French Fries, crispy chicken nuggets, poppers, fried shrimp and more!  In a Crisp 'N Hold, gentle air circulation over and through the food wicks away excess steam and vapors created during cooking. Food is brough quickly to the proper holding temperature, maintaining crispness... up to 4 times longer than with heat lamps.  Food stays hot and ready to serve, with better quality and less waste.

Counter-Top Stations

Several models to choose, depending on your volume and space.  All have a removable, washable filter to protect components from oils and vapors, removable food bay and dividers for holding several items at the same time.

Drop-In Stations

The drop-in stations fit conveniently into the counter, near your fryer and serving area.  They feature a removable heater than can be placed on either side of the station for dual-sided service.  

Counter-Top Vertical Crisp 'N Hold

Compact design for counter or shelf service for up to six items, the VCNH212S-2T holds six 1/3 size pans and removable built-in covers for crispy or moist holding.  It can also accommodate 1/2 size (13"x18") sheet pans for crispy holding of larger items. New for 2017 are the alphanumeric displays and a USB port for customizing menu items. Take the covers out for crispy foods; leave the covers in for moist foods.  A truly versatile holding station for kitchens with limited space.

Floor Standing Vertical Crisp 'N Hold

Pump up the volume with our floor standing Vertical Crisp 'N Holds.  Designed for high volume operations, these cabinets have six or nine 1/2 size long pans (4" deep).  When the fryers get busy, these cabinets keep the lines moving.  You can par-fry items to hold in the Crisp 'N Hold and then finish them quickly in the fryer later during high traffic times.  You can even stack a CNH on top for more holding capacity.

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