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Cook and Hold Cabinets

Discover the beauty of convection when you roast low and slow. Gentle convection roasting at lower temperature produces a wonderful tender roast, naturally browned to perfection.  Just a little light seasoning to taste is all you need.  When you don't have to pre-sear, put on sauces, rubs or browning agents, you save time and labor.  Many choices, including two-compartment and under-counter sizes. And now you can cook to time or temperature. Meat probe included. They'll give you:


  • Cook to time or product temperature. Meat probe included.

  • Increased Yields: shrinkage is reduced to 7-10%, down from 25% in a standard convection oven.

  • Increased Product Quality: gentle circulated air allows the meat to caramelize and retain moisture, cooking more consistently. Longer cooking times tenderize the meat.  And because gentle air circulation caramelizes and browns roasts naturally, there's no need to dress them up with gravies, sauces or rubs.

  • Lower Energy Costs: much lower BTUs than a standard convection oven. Plus, food can be cooked overnight, at off-peak energy rates.

  • Lower Installation Costs:  venting is no required in most areas.

  • Versatility: they're not just for roasts; because they will reach temperatures of 325°F (160°C), a variety of items can be cooked, baked, or roasted.

12" x 20" x 2.5" pans may be placed on optional wire shelves (end-loaded, one per shelf).

*18" x 26" sheet pans may be placed on optional wire shelves (end-loaded, one per shelf).

CH1600U also accommodates GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 pans.