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Queen Marys and Enclosed Aluminum Transport Cabinets

Queen Marys and Aluminum Transport Cabinets are the workhorses of every banquet operation. Queen Marys are ideal for transport of dishes, serving ware, trays and more... just about anything that needs to be moved from the kitchen to the banquet area.  Unheated Aluminum Transport Cabinets transport trays and pans of unheated fare, such as pastries, bread, desserts and more.

Aluminum Racks for Pans and Trays

Carter-Hoffmann offers racks in a myriad of sizes and configurations to accommodate a variety of trays and pans.  Racks come with narrow and wide angle openings, fixed or adjustable tray slides, and open or with extruded side panel walls.  You'll find racks for 18"x26" and/or 12"x20" pans, oval tray racks and specialty tray racks for healthcare foodservice trays.

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