PHB495HE Air Screen Refrigerator_17888_O

Air Screen Tray Line Refrigerator

Keep your tray line moving with our efficient and handy refrigerator.  The unique horizontal air screen allows you to keep the door open for easy access to your refrigerated food during tray assembly. And it provides ready access to back up items for late tray service.  And it is 50% more efficient than previous models, and meets the Department of Energy's Certifcation 10 CFR 431 Subpart C-Commerical Refrigerators, Freezers and Refrigerator-Freezers Standard.


  • All stainless steel construction for easy cleaning

  • Efficient energy management system: high condensate evaporator engineered to operate with lower energy requirement; 2" thick combination foam and high-density fiberglass insulation; automatic defrost

  • Powerful 1 HP compressor for two hour open door operation

  • "No tip" tray slides at 3" spacing (4.5" spacing is optional)

  • Field-reversible insulated stainless steel door